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Spongy hoof

Spongy hoofThis is the opposite condition to the brittle hoof, and is characterized by the soft and non-resistant qualities of the horn.

Symptoms of spongy hoof
Spongy hoof is quite common in animals that have large, flat, and spreading feet — in fact, the two appear to run very much together. It is a common defect in animals reared in marshy districts, and of a heavy, lymphatic type.

The Lincolnshire Shire, for instance, has often feet of this description, and, the causative factors being in this case long-continued, render the feet extremely predisposed to canker.

The horn is distinctly soft to the knife, and has an appearance more or less greasy. Animals with spongy feet are unfit for long journeys on hard roads. When compelled to travel thus, the feet become hot and tender, and lameness results.

A mild form of laminitis, extending over a period of three or four days, often follows on this enforced travelling on a hard road, more especially in cases where the animal is 'heavy topped,' and the usual food of a highly stimulating nature.